Top 5 Amalfi Coast instagram accounts to follow this week

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Monica Di Martino
Monica Di Martino
Italian born and raised | Based in London | Loves sharing life through photos 👉🏻 #wheremonicawent

Another week in lockdown here in the UK. What better time to share with you our top 5 Amalfi Coast instagram accounts from the past seven days.

We’re all on our phones scrolling more than ever, but we all know our feed is only as good as who we follow.

So, we need a reminder of the Amalfi Coast that awaits us once we come out of lock down. Why not follow these fantastic accounts?

Here are our latest picks. Why not give them a follow and bring some beauty to your feed?

Top 5 Amalfi Coast instagram accounts to follow this week…

1. @amalficoast

As the title suggests, @amalficoast is perfect account. With almost 200,000 followers and approaching 1,000 posts it provides a fantastic collection of instagram snaps from Positano to Furore to Capri.

Also amongst the photos you’ll find a selection of short video clips providing a quick glance at some stunning panoramic views.

2. @feeling_amalficoast

A private tour operator’s account, @feeling_amalficoast shares some stunning images numerous contributors. It also regularly updates it’s stories to showcase their services for when we are all able to travel again!

3. @livingcostiera

This account (@livingcostiera) brings you stunning images from the Campania coast and the surrounding areas. As you would expect from an account name with ‘costiera’ in the title.

4. @igersamalficoast

Fourth in our list we have @igersamalficoast. Described as a ‘network dedicated to Instagramers Amalfi Coast’, it showcases Italian and UK Instagramers and ‘influencer’ snaps.

5. @welcometo_campania

How do we long to see that road sign? “Welcome to Campania”. @welcometo_campani offers a perfect mix of scenic coast images and Italian architecture.

6. @villadimartino

I know, I know, I know I said ‘Top 5 Amalfi Coast instagram accounts’ but I had to cheat and include a quick plug to our own instagram account, @villadimartino. Forgive us as we’re only just starting to grow our account with all the amazing images we’ve captured over the years. Give us a follow and see what we have to share!

What are your favourite Amalfi Coast related instagram accounts? You can let us know using the comments section below!

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